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New ROIDTEST Reagent is Almost Here!

As promised, we’re working very hard here at Colorimetrics, LLC to perfect reagent technology as it pertains to anabolic steroid testing. This is a new field, and we intend to always remain on the cutting edge of it. On that note, we’ve recently made a breakthrough with one of our reagents in testing. Our new project, dubbed “Reagent Purple” has been an astounding success, and we are in the final stages of rolling it out for consumer use. Here is some info about the change.

What will this new reagent be called?

Substance Test D. It will replace the former D test that was used exclusively for oxymetholone.

What will this new reagent be used for?

The reagent produces time-sensitive reactions to trenbolone, testosterone, nandrolone, methenolone, boldenone, and drostanolone. It will soon be included in all of the Individual 2-Step Tests for Injectable steroids in oil, as well as the Advanced Field Kit

Does it also react with oral steroids?

No. It is specific for esterified AAS. 

Are the color reactions unique?

They are largely shades of purple. However, the time sensitive nature of this test provides more information that our previous kits. ROIDTEST™ can now more effectively differentiate injectable AAS.

Anything else interesting about the new test?

Yes, the new reagent is exceedingly sensitive to trenbolone. It produces an instant deep color change upon contact – no waiting. As you may know, trenbolone is a very expensive raw material. It is also very potent. As such, it is both the subject of frequent counterfeiting, and used in the creation of many counterfeit products. We’re extremely excited about the release of new Substance Test D, as we believe it not only improves overall testing performance, but specifically addresses a common ongoing issue of compound substitution. 

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